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Application of the direct optical method for determination of granulometric composition for quality control process in coal dewatering, 2021

— Authors: Onyshchenko, O., Kohanuk, O. —

Evaluation of the effectiveness of phot-optical measurement methods was carried out for optimization of the dewatering of fine classes of enrichment products from the coal factory. According to existing scheme dewatering step (centrifuge) feed consists of hydrosizers concentrate, flotation concentrate and hydrocyclones concentrate.

The photo-optical SOPAT measuring technique for particle sizing was applied to process and measure the sizes by means of automated image analysis.

Coal sludge dewatered in filtration centrifuges is a fine material, the average particle diameter of which is 306-21 µm (according to testing), which predetermines its high-water holding capacity.

Using the data of the technical specifications, a variant of the technology for the dewatering of enrichment products (hydrosizer concentrate, flotation concentrate and product of the hydrocyclone) was considered. Based on the studies and performed calculations, the requirements of the process for ash content (12%) and humidity (12%) of the sediment in existing process are not met.