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Determination of Particle Size Distributions in Multiphase Systems Containing Nonspherical Fluid Particles, 2015

— Authors: Panckow, R., Comandè, G., Maaß, S. und Kraume, M. —

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 38(11): 2011-2016 

The presented results are obtained by means of an automated image analysis software capable of measuring particle diameters in photographs taken in situ by a 2D photo-optical measurement device. Initially, the applicability of this measurement method must be proven for fluid particle systems on the basis of spherical-shaped particles. As a first approach in targeting the issue of irregularly shaped fluid particles, a pure gas-liquid system is analyzed to investigate the influence of the variation of operating parameters. In the second step, the spherical shape is changed by reducing the surface-active auxiliaries. The usage of shape factors helps to interpret the appearance of the 2D projected objects. By examining the capabilities and limitations, it is demonstrated that the size of fluid particles can be detected online and in situ in order to analyze and control the particular chemical process.