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Dispersion and Phase Separation of Water‐Oil‐Amphiphile Systems in Stirred Tanks, 2019

Chemical Engineering & Technology (link)

— Authors: Hohl, L., Röder, V. und Kraume, M. —

Drop size distributions and phase separation behavior of water‐oil‐nonionic amphiphile systems are investigated using an in situ endoscope measurement technique and an external camera in stirred tanks in batch mode. The fitting procedure and the simulation results of a phase separation model are analyzed under the condition that either the swarm sedimentation speed or the mean drop size during sedimentation is known. The steady‐state drop size distributions are self‐similar over the whole range of process parameters, but not in the decaying turbulence field after agitation stop. The coalescence rate in the first seconds after agitation stop clearly affects the separation behavior, so that a prediction of the separation time based on the initial conditions in steady state is not trivial.