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Analitiks is now SOPAT distributor in Chile

Berlin, December 2022

Analitiks SpA. was founded in 2019, it is the only company dedicated to deliver the highest standards on inline measurement technology to its customers in Chile. They target different industrial processes and provide with equipment for process control and process optimization.

How did you learn about SOPAT GmbH?

At first we received info from Knick about the integration of Ceramat  with SOPAT. Later, we were introduced to SOPAT by Archit Jha from ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd.

Analitiks and ALVI have been representatives of Knick for several years and we permanently exchange information. We learnt about Sebastian Maass and then we approached him to discuss about a possible collaboration between SOPAT and Analitiks

Why do you think a technology such as SOPAT is important in Chile?

It is a very innovative technology that can be applied to the Chilean mining market in different applications,  both for the measurement of particles and for the measurement of bubbles in mining processes. Chile leads the Copper production worldwide, there are many sites that can benefit of SOPAT technology

Why is SOPAT a good tool for Mining Industry?

With this technology the customer can have real particle size online measurements, with high precision. Thanks to SOPAT the mining customers can make better and faster decisions to improve their processes.

What are your goals for 2023 in your partnership with SOPAT?

Our goals for 2023 with SOPAT is to install at least 1 system for the measurement of particle size, in the 3 large mining companies in Chile, such as BHP, Anglo American and Antogafasta Minerals.

Will you participate on a specific fair next year?

It is not our focus to participate in fairs, our focus is to do direct work with each of the clients, by means of presentations, training, field visits, demonstrations, etc.