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Industries & Applications

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology: Convincing advantages for a wide range of applications

The SOPAT particle analysis technology is based on a combination of powerful probes, highly developed software, and a robust Centralbox. A wide range of accessories allows maximum flexibility for use in different industries.

Our particle analysis system captures particles of different sizes and shapes, colour and concentration – even under extreme conditions, for instance high pressure, high temperature, or explosive atmospheres. Data can be collected in real time without sampling and dilution, and the comprehensive visualization of the process provides a quick overview of the situation and you are able to intervene if necessary. With our measurement technology, your process can be managed and optimized with great benefit.

Some practical examples

Reduction of milling time and increase in throughput in grinding processes
Permanent observation of filter cartridges
Check for foreign particles in food and pharma
Exact control of particle size in polymerisation processes
Control of growth rate in biochemical processes

Below you will find information about the implementation in a number of example sectors in which we are already active. The use of SOPAT is not limited to these sectors. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and benefits for your industry.