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Industries & Applications

Pharma & Biochemistry

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in the Pharmaceutical and Biochemistry Industry

In the development and production of pharmaceuticals, the focus is on the efficacy, safety and quality of the product. Production facilities set the strictest regulations and quality requirements, and the required quality characteristics are constantly checked by in-process controls.

Applications and product examples:

Microencapsulation, active ingredient crystallization, crystal milling, extraction, ointments and creams, granulation, algae and bacteria.

Benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology in Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry:

Insitu measurements
Fast quality control
Morphology and concentration measurements
SIP and CIP certified
21 CFR Part 11 support

Probe Recommendations:

In Situ measurements from 0.5 to 75 µm

In Situ measurements from 9 to 1,100 µm