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Joint project: Optical soft sensor technology of algae cultivation in large-scale photobioreactors – optimisation through process control and combating microbial contamination (optiPBR), 2021-2024

Funding reference number: 13N15851 Funding reference 01IS21065D SOPAT will provide relevant information for process control with fast and process-related data evaluation based on image analysis of digital images generated inline, which can be integrated into a process control system in order to quickly initiate suitable countermeasures in the event of

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Influence of the dispersed phase fraction on experimental and predicted drop size distributions in breakage dominated stirred systems, 2012

— Authors: Maaß, S., Paul, N. und Kraume, M. — Chemical Engineering Science, 76: 140-153 (link) The effect of the dispersed phase fraction on the evolving drop size distribution in different low viscous agitated liquid/liquid systems was investigated. The analysis focused on the drop breakage phenomena by hindering the coalescence completely.

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