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Food Industry

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in Food Industry

The size of particles, droplets, bubbles, foam etc. plays a significant role in the properties of the final product. In many production processes such as grinding, mixing, blending, homogenizing, etc. it is important to maintain the high-quality standards. With SOPAT, you can optimize the throughput, reduce off-specification batches, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption while maintaining your quality requirements.

Product examples:

Cocoa liquor, chocolate, compounds, spreads, fillings, cocoa butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, ice cream, beverages, biscuits, coffee, crema foam, and many more.

Benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology for the food industry:
24/7, no sampling, no dilution, no lab-work
Fast detection of off-specifications early in the production process
Real-time monitoring and image display via clients on all connected computers
Direct machine parameter adjustments during processing via control loops

Probe Recommendations:

In Situ Measurements from 2 to 300 µm

In Situ measurements from 9 to 1,200 µm

In Situ measurements from 19.5 to 2,600 µm

Designed for Confectionary Industry

Designed to detect bubbles and foams