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Characteristics of Stable Pickering Emulsions under Process Conditions, 2016

— Authors: Stehl, D., Hohl, L., Schmidt, M., Hübner, J., Lehmann, M., Kraume, M., Schomäcker, R. und von Klitzing, R. —

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 88 (11): 1806 – 1814

Emulsions stabilized by solid particles are so called Pickering emulsions which are characterized by their high stability against coalescence. This type of emulsion can be used for a lot of applications. Very little is known about how reaction conditions affect their properties. In this study the influence of important reaction conditions like shear stress, pressure, temperature, and the influence of synthesis gas on Pickering emulsions is investigated. It is shown that the emulsions remain stable in terms of coalescence in a broad range of the reaction conditions and are suitable as reaction media for industrial processes and for a reaction optimization with a subsequent separation step.