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Investigation and Development of Gravity Separators with a Standardized Experimental Setup, 2019

— Authors: Steinhoff, J., Charlafti, E., Reinecke, L., Kraume, M. und Bart, H.-J. —

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Note: Accepted, unedited articles published online and citable. The final edited and typeset version of record will appear in the future.

This contribution presents a standardized experimental setup for the development of gravity separators. Two different optical measurement techniques for the characterization of the inlet and outlet dispersion with a droplet spectrum of 20–2000 μm are used. The settling behaviour in a standardized batch settling test (ERICAA cell) serves as a basis for predicting the drop diameter resolved separation efficiency of a horizontal continuous separator. The latter (DN150, length 0.65 m) was operated and monitored with a phase fraction of up to 15 % and a load of up to 17.0 m3m–2h–1. A paraffin oil with a viscosity of 10 mPas was the dispersed and water the continuous phase. Sauter mean diameters of dispersions measured inline show a good agreement with those calculated from batch settling tests. Additionally, the modelled separation efficiencies are compared to the experimental results produced with the continuous separator.