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Joint project: Optical soft sensor technology of algae cultivation in large-scale photobioreactors – optimisation through process control and combating microbial contamination (optiPBR), 2021-2024

Funding reference number: 13N15851

Funding reference 01IS21065D

SOPAT will provide relevant information for process control with fast and process-related data evaluation based on image analysis of digital images generated inline, which can be integrated into a process control system in order to quickly initiate suitable countermeasures in the event of process deviations.
The fast access to live process images, without sampling, will allow the plant operator an even better interpretation of the condition of the algae cultivation in the future. In the past, entire algae cultivations had to be aborted because critical process information was available too late.
can be reacted to immediately with the help of the data from inline microscopy. Automated and targeted
specific organisms on the basis of single-cell analysis provides a sound data basis for an early
early warning in case of deviation from the target state of the process. A photo-optical analysis system,
directly connected to the production plant and provides relevant information for the process can
and provides relevant information for the process, can significantly improve the process control and productivity of the PBRs used on the market.
PBRs used on the market.